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Jesus Cares Ministries Women's Program

Many years and over 500 women later the ministry still offers an Aftercare Program for former residents. We have seen the children of our women grow up and we are now witnessing the emergence of a third generation. Like all front-line missions, we have seen triumph and tragedy. Multiple deaths and tragic events have occurred over the years fueling our passion for continued discipleship and mentoring. Some have expressed their disappointment in our mission. I have received some very bitter and hateful letters. Most often we have received cards, letters, and pictures from women and their family members that we have supported over the years expressing immense gratitude for the support they received through Jesus Cares Women's Program. We can honestly say that we did our best with each soul that the Lord brought our way. We trusted, from the very beginning, that the Lord who called us would equip us. The beginning years were very rocky; they were learning lessons for all of us and we always trusted in His grace to make up for any deficiencies in our skill level. Our children had no choice but to join us in this rocky journey and we are grateful to God for four beautiful daughters who are still a wonderful support to us in many ways. Ultimately we were aware that in most cases we were all God's laborers, planting and watering, and trusting Him for the increase. We were comforted with this verse on many occasions:


"And let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not. "

Galatians 6:9


We still have an intercessory prayer group that prays especially for prodigals and we have seen some rather marvelous answers to prayer over the years. We do not give up easily and have prayed for some of these prodigals for as long as we have been in existence even if we don't hear anything from them. Our prayer is always that the merciful Father would lead them back to His house, humble and ready to serve. 


Our experience taking in young women proved to be life-changing for all of us, including the hundreds of volunteers and supporters that have kept us alive as a mission. We continue to be grateful and amazed at the many membered body of Christ. We remember the lessons learned in our rocky journey and we continue on the path our Savior has marked out for us with tremendous gratitude that He would use our clay vessels for His glory!

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