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Fortified Marriages Ministry

Sharing the Message of God's Covenant Love...


Tom and I have had a wonderful opportunities to attend the annual, international A.A.C.C. (American Association of Christian Counselors) conventions in Nashville with Fortified Marriages Ministry. Our first one was in 2013 and the latest one in 2015. On both occasions the association  granted the ministry a scholarship. Attending these amazing conferences gave us an opportunity to assist our friends and co-laborers, Chris and Carmen Garner, who are presenters at these events. It also allows us to attend a variety of classes offered and glean useful information for our Community Outreach. There is so much controversy in the church regarding the Biblical way to approach mental illness and addiction. There is always a lot to chew on. I believe the Lord is equipping us with a better understanding of how to support those struggling with life dominating challenges. Utilizing the resources of A.A.C.C. is helpful for finding tools to help the spouses and family members of those we reach. The Bible has the remedy but we sometimes fail to apply the principles of God's Word to our current struggles in a meaningful way to produce change. We continually depend on the power and the wisdom of the Holy Spirit to guide us as we walk alongside of the broken and needy. Though our society is filled with challenges that seem overwhelmingly complex, the simplicity of  "...Christ in you the hope of glory..." (Colossians 1:27) is the good news that prevails when the methods and remedies of man fail.

Chris and Carmen labor tirelessly to deliver the message of enduring, covenant love. They are faithful servants who make many sacrifices in order to serve the body of Christ and walk in obedience to the call of God. Before Tom passed, we were honored to serve on their board for almost 10 years. It is a blessing to be joined with this ministry and labor together for the purpose of building up and restoring individuals, marriages and families.

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