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Ministry History

"So we built the wall and the entire wall was joined together to half its height, for the people had a heart to work."  

-Nehemiah 4:6

Though the face of the ministry has changed over the years, the heart of the outreach remains. We are in the business of restoration. Our lives always seem to center on being a spiritual construction site. Most of the time, it seems we have to take a jack hammer to a faulty foundation. The lies of the enemy, the ravages of abuse, religious hypocrisy and constant offenses lead to deception. This becomes a breeding ground for these faulty foundations. At times and less frequently we get to build on a firm foundation that others have laid before us. We are careful to build with God's materials so that what is being built can stand for eternity and weather the storms of life. So many have helped us with these spiritual building projects over the years. We could never thank the Lord enough for those who have been part of this construction zone.


It is no secret that the design for families, as God has revealed through His Word, is being relentlessly attacked in our culture. We are grateful for the many volunteers who have helped us stand strong in the face of adversity. Like in the days of Nehemiah, the enemy hates to see lives restored and walls rebuilt. In the history section of this website, we would like to honor some of those that significantly shaped the ministry. They have made invaluable contributions to our lives personally as well as the residents and individuals that have crossed our paths for these last 35 years. Some of them are alive and well and some are now a part of the cloud of witnesses. Join us as we share with you the history of Jesus Cares Ministries. We thank the Lord continually for sending us, through these many years of service, able hands who have a heart to build the kingdom!

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