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Leaving Behind A Legacy

Few people come into our lives and make a lasting mark. When they do, we are forever mindful of their impact and continually grateful for the imprint they leave upon our hearts.  


Two such special ladies in our lives have gone on to be with the Lord.


Mary Ellen Augustine

1937 to July 12, 2013

We arrived in Arizona over 35 years ago in hopes to encourage my mother who was in great distress trying to raise my two younger siblings with very little support! We were in for an unexpected surprise! We arrived in sunny Arizona on a Wednesday afternoon. My mother introduced us to some friends she had recently acquired. We had no idea that these friends would be the catalyst in bringing my family to Christ. Joe and Mary Ellen opened their Bibles in my Mom's family room and shared the message of Christ. It was the first time we heard this Good News. They invited us to mid week service. That was the beginning of a new and exciting life and the start of our journey with Christ. What began as a visit to encourage my mother ended in our salvation experience! Mary Ellen went to be with the Lord after a long battle with disease and pain. She touched our lives many years ago and the fruit of that divine appointment still lives on in the ministry of Jesus Cares as well as our personal and family life

Marjorie Beth Setser

June 4, 1924 to October 30, 2013

We arrived back in New York after our visit to Arizona and realized very quickly that our lives would no longer be the same. The businesses we operated kept us busy for more hours in the day than we desired. Prior to that, our whole life revolved around our Deli and Restaurant. We soon realized that our pursuit of God would come to a crashing halt if we didn't make an adjustment to our lifestyle. The most difficult decision lay before us: success in business or pursuit of God. At the time, and in our particular situation, there was no other choice. We chose to leave behind a successful business and move to Arizona. We felt God calling us away from everything that was familiar to establish a home in the desert of Arizona. Tom finished his degree in accounting and Doreen pursued a career in banking. It wasn't long before we felt a call to the ministry and once again, our lives were turned upside down. This time, the Lord placed Lum and Marge Setser in our path. He was the owner of Jesus Chapel Bookstore and we soon chose to leave the Catholic Church and join Pastor Lum and his small congregation. Lum and Marge led us tenderly as faithful shepherds in our younger years as believers. The ministry of Jesus Cares was birthed under their pastoral care and Marge led our first maternity resident to the Lord. What a  joyful day that was and one that we will never forget. 

Though these lives have come to an end, their legacy remains with us forever. We are grateful to Marge and Mary Ellen for helping to shape our early years.


Who have you influenced today? Think about the impact your life can have on others around you and take the time to connect with someone today!

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