Newsletter 1st Quarter 2020 
The Spirit of the Sovereign Lord is on me, because the Lord has anointed me to proclaim good news to the poor. He has sent me to bind up the brokenhearted, to proclaim freedom for the captives and release from darkness for the prisoners, to proclaim the year of the Lords favor and the day of vengeance of our God, to comfort all who mourn, and provide for those who grieve in Zion - to bestow on them a crown of beauty instead of ashes, the oil of joy instead of mourning, and a garment of praise instead of a spirit of despair.” – Isaiah 61:1-3a

   Yeshua, our Messiah and King, made many statements about His earthly mission. Perhaps the above passage gives the most widespread understanding of the beauty, depth, and scope of this magnificent mission. It is my favorite passage regarding both the character and deep, abiding work of the Spirit! Without this understanding, we would be lost as a ministry. There would be no hope except for heaven. Now we do not want to minimize the eternal security and the unimaginable worth of heaven, but the message of the gospel wants to intersect with our most trying moments here on earth. The gospel is making a difference in the here and now. This is why we exist as a ministry! We offer restoration to individuals, marriages and families through faith in His name and the life changing hope of the gospel.

Beauty for Ashes”

   For more years than we can remember, we have been gathering to share the contents of a booklet that guides individuals through the grief process entitled, Beauty for Ashes.” Many who were facing grave issues benefited from this material that was first presented in our family room to women in our maternity group home. Some had lost their children due to alcohol abuse; others had been traumatized with sexual molestation as children; still others were grieving the loss of a father figure for the babies they were carrying. Kay West spearheaded this effort bringing healing to the women of Jesus Cares. She invested time and talent into many. After developing our Community Outreach Program, we realized the need to develop and revise the contents into a conference that was suitable and relatable for all participants, male and female.

   Recently we had the privilege of gathering with about 45 individuals, including participants and helpers, at Arizona Community Church. Kay West had a special part this year after taking a long absence from the annual conferences while on the mission field with her husband John in Eswatini (Swaziland) and South Africa. She brought to us a renewed and heartfelt compassion for the broken and grieving. She experienced firsthand the trauma and pain of living in a third world country and witnessed the deaths of many that were part of their outreach.

Kay West from Swaziserve

   Joel Covert from Covert Counseling, LLLC joined us this year. His presentation brought healing to hearts and helped to demystify this condition known as PTSD. We were very grateful for his generosity in joining us as he has a very busy practice and family life!


Here is what one of the participants expressed:

   “Thank you for all your hard work putting together the conference!  I enjoyed it and learned so much.  It also encouraged me that I have dealt with a lot of my grief in a positive way and even though I still miss my spouse, I AM moving forward and encouraging others.”

Joel Covert teaching on PTSD

   We want to express deep gratitude to Pastor Bill Meiter and Maryellen Hawkinson who coordinated our accommodations from Arizona Community Church. They were superbly generous to us as a ministry. Thank you to the many helpers, table leaders, and ministry leaders who made this conference a possibility. Many thanks to Amber and Lauren from The Grove. They graciously donated coffee and fixings. We are also grateful for many dear supporters who donated gifts for the participants, ran errands, picked up supplies, and pitched in on the day of the event.


Earlier this year… “E.Q.U.I.P.”

 Leslie greeting participants at seminar

   An amazing team of volunteers gives generously to the mission of Jesus Cares Ministries. Suzanne from Bridgeway Community Church is one such talented leader. She takes my abstract thinking, and discombobulated notes and actually turns it into a structured time of teaching that makes sense! We assembled in January for a training time especially for volunteers that want to learn more about discipling, counseling and mentoring others. As always, we extended an invitation to others who are ministering in different capacities in other needful places and positions around the valley. It was a great time of learning, sharing and growing in the Word of God. We have been working on a series entitled, “E.Q.U.I. P.” It is an acronym for Excel, Qualify, Understand, Instruct and Prepare. We need to see the body of Christ mobilized like never before. Pastors need to rely on capable lay leaders among the sheep. There is tremendous burn out among leaders in the body. Even when churches may seem to be thriving on the outside, behind the scenes can reveal a host of difficulties. Elders and leaders frequently carry a workload that is burdensome and a heaviness of heart that is difficult to sustain over the long haul of ministry life. Vast multitudes are leaving the church, burned out, bruised and abandoning their faith.

The need to equip the body is vital..

   When beginning Jesus Cares, we expected to bring many to faith. Our expectation was to work with the unchurched and shine the light and love of Jesus to our community. To our surprise, many that came for help had been bruised and broken by the church. Church leaders molested some, others were neglected, and many were shamed. Our hearts went out to the broken body of Messiah, including leaders and pastors who experienced great woundedness. Recently, a woman I knew for several years came back to the Lord. She told me that her heart broke for the church. She came back humbled but very aware of the condition of the body. I wish I could say that her heartbreak over the body was surprising news.

   We are grateful for the times that we see His beautiful body in operation, pouring out costly oil on behalf of the broken. Our hearts are so stirred by the account of Joseph of Arimathea who took the bloody mass of mangled flesh, our Messiah, from Calvary’s cross. He poured out costly oil and wrapped Jesus tenderly, laying our lifeless Savior into a tomb that had been carved out of a rock (Matthew 27:60). We believe in the power of His resurrection working among the wounded, the burned out, the lost and even the angry soul filled with bitterness. We can bring them to the Savior, pour out the oil of the Spirit, and wrap them in prayer. Then we wait for Him to do what only He can do: resurrect their lifeless hearts!


Children: Our Heritage”

   After years of ministering to single mothers who were in desperate need of parenting skills, we developed our own course using Psalm 23 as a foundational guide to parenting. We have it available as a free resource on our website along with a facilitator’s guide, a workbook for participants, and seven classes including one introductory class. What a joy it is to teach at Freedom House, a program similar to the one we ran for over 30 years in Mesa. Kelley created the facilitator’s guide and we have added a strategic element to our program (I.P.P.) which is an individualized parenting plan. After observing the participants, hearing their challenges in parenting, and collaborating with the staff of Freedom House we come up with a specific and custom made plan for each participant. It guides the moms in practical and spiritual ways. It shows them how to implement Biblical principles on a daily basis. It invites them to invest into these little treasures in an eternal way. Kelley has taken this portion of the program and excelled far beyond what we could have accomplished with her skills and educational background along with her spiritual insight. We are grateful for the team the Lord has provided for us.

Tom, Kiko, and Doreen during a food visit.

Free Indeed

   One day we received a letter from a prisoner. It was a little less than typical. Most would ask for items for themselves. This prisoner needed clothing and school supplies for his daughters in Cuba. I was used to getting various letters from the prison system. In New York fashion, I sent back a stern letter rebuking him if he was “playing games.” In so many words I warned him to only continue writing if he was serious about getting help. I look back now and chuckle at myself. For one thing, I had no awareness of how strained relationships with the Cuban government affected the postal service into this country. I went to the local post office thinking I could send a huge box filled with school supplies, clothing and all kinds of goodies for Kiko's daughters. I was determined to help them even if he was conning me! It turned out that all I was allowed to send from the states was a small box. I had to send the items through a family friend via another country that had better relations. Through this act of love and the attention our ministry was willing to give to his precious children, we developed a relationship that eventually resulted in him coming to Christ in a very sincere way. Twenty years later, this man is a son in the faith. He is conducting Bible studies and worship services unofficially. Up to 30 men gather in the prison yard to hear the Word and praise their Heavenly Father. His father has come to faith in Cuba and we look forward to a wonderful reunion some day. Recently he told us of one prison mate close to his cell that was found dead. He had just brought this prisoner to faith the week before. Another man was transgender and many of the men did not want to associate with this prisoner. Kiko shared His faith with this man and this man opened up to communicate woundedness that he had carried for a long time. He left prison recently after serving his time, a changed man through the power of the gospel. He now serves at a church in Phoenix, sharing with others the hope that he found in Christ. My favorite story is of a religious man who had an idol set up in his cell. He warned Kiko that he really should give these idols honor. Kiko, led by the Spirit of God, pushed the idol over with his little pinky. The man gasped! He was horrified that Kiko would have such disrespect for this idol that he claimed was watching over his family. Kiko then said to him, “How can you trust an idol to protect your family when I just knocked him down with my pinky?” The blinders were removed as this man was now all ears and ready to listen to Kiko share about a Living God. He came to faith and joins their study and worship times. We are grateful that the Lord connected us with this man many years ago and that His message of redemption is reaching out into dark places. Thank you for making it possible for us to see lives restored, families given hope, and hearts changed in His name!

Around the world…Elpis

Bella and her girls
   Many of you know that we had the opportunity to launch a young woman from Minnesota into a ministry for forsaken and trafficked women in Eastern Europe. Bella, from Elpis Ministry is stationed in Bulgaria. Her visa was approved and the Lord is opening a multitude of doors for her in her present location. She will also have an opportunity to visit the young women she ministered to formerly in Romania. Keep her in your prayers. The country is on a code 3 right now due to the virus and we do not know what ministry is going to look like for her in upcoming weeks. Utmost on her heart is to visit several villages housing the poorest of the poor with outcasts and neglected children many of whom have been abandoned by family.

Looking aheadFree Store

   Please stay tuned for more information about the FREE STORE. With all of the shut downs and advice not to gather due to the pandemic virus COVID-19, we want to be wise about our event this year. As many of you know, we invite women in need who are falling through the cracks and working hard to stay afloat. They come to shop at a store where everything is one price: FREE! What a joy to see single moms and children of all ages enjoying a shopping experience that ends without putting a dent in the pocketbook. Many have donated clothing and clothing items and we are excited to get this underway. Jackie, the director of this outreach, and Leslie along with a team of women are ready to make this a memorable event. Our heart’s desire is to cover them with TLC for the day and let them feel special and valued in Him! Please call if you are interested in participating in any way or if you know of a family who can use this kind of help:
Doreen@ (480)831-1737

A sainA saint goes home...

Pastor Roy Spencer “Bud” Miller

   A dear friend, Bud Miller went to his heavenly home to be with Jesus after an emergency surgery and a short time in ICU at a local hospital in Prescott, Arizona. We had the joy of getting to know this couple for the past year and a half. Bud and Betty are parents in the faith of countless spiritual sons and daughters. We spent hours in prayer with this delightful couple and heard many accounts of God's miraculous provisions for them over the years. Bud and Betty were Christian evangelists for a number of years and then they pastored together at Christ Unlimited Fellowship in the eighties and nineties in Dewey, AZ.


In their later years, they did not want to retire, but rather chose to continue to serve their Lord Jesus, so they founded two major Internet ministries online, at God’s leading, over the last 30 years called and Bud will be greatly missed by many.

My father's passing...

Young Vince as a US Marine

   Thank you to those of you who poured out condolences for our family on behalf of my father, Vince Mooney, who passed in December. My heart was held and loved by the saints who gathered around us, brought meals, plants, cards, many hugs, and huge outpourings of grace! I am so blessed to have wonderful sisters who gathered together to honor his memory in Prescott, Arizona. One sister told of his endurance in the Korean War and a specific battle he faced where he almost lost his life. We realized that our lives were a miracle, too! My grands were also part of a very sweet service of rock painting and remembering poppie.

latest update...

   Bella was advised by the embassy to leave Bulgaria immediately. She was able to get on the last flight out of Sofia, Bulgaria. It was a very difficult journey. Many thanks to those of you that contributed to her safe passage. Her desire was to visit Romania this summer and minister to the Romas in the village where she was stationed for a season. We have no idea what is in store at this time. Thank you for praying for the young girls she had to leave behind.
   Our outreaches to both rehabs have been suspended due to the coronavirus. The picture below was taken at Wellspring. It is one of the last services before the ban. Jackie is worshiping with the residents. Please pray for the residents from both outreaches (Val Vista Center and Wellspring Therapy Center).

Because of you and your labors of love, generous support and gracious acts of kindness, we are able to share the message, locally and abroad that …

Jesus Cares