Jesus Cares Ministries has been helping people in crisis since 1980 and has been incorporated since 1983. For over thirty years, we provided a safe place for troubled teens, many of whom had been physically and sexually abused. We offered a live-in program, as well as counseling, referrals, and an outreach to family members of our residents. From 1997- 2008 Jesus Cares Ministries Men's Program serviced those struggling with homelessness due to the bondage of addiction cycles. We have witnessed firsthand how various unresolved abuse and trauma issues experienced in the past can significantly impact the future stability of individuals, therefore impacting the family dynamic.

F.I.T. Housing - Structured, Affordable Housing and Family Support:
Our mission is now focusing on family stabilization and restoration. Operating since 2009, the F.I.T. Housing (Families In Transition) services local congregations by providing a live-in program that specializes in education, mentoring support, and accountability to church members that are in need. Many of them have been displaced by job loss, unmanageable debt, or prior addiction cycles that have impaired their ability to be successful.
Community Outreach:
For those not needing a live-in program, we have a community outreach which provides counsel, seminars, and support for couples and individuals struggling with life dominating cycles. We have developed our own curriculum, as well as utilized the resources of other ministries to make available the best possible Christ-centered tools for mending hearts and lives. As we pour oil and wine into the wounds of the broken, we strive to fulfill Christ's example to love after the pattern of the Good Samaritan.

      Life is more manageable when lived out in the setting of genuine Christian fellowship and accountability. Our supporters and volunteers make it possible for us to create a safe and nurturing environment for those wanting a hand up, not a hand out. The goal of the mission is to join with the local church and other organizations to form a networking partnership. As we reach out together, helping the community in practical and spiritual ways, we proclaim the message that  ... Jesus Cares.

If you need our services or know of someone who does,

please feel free to call us at 480-831-1737.

Jesus Cares Ministries, Inc. is a Tax Exempt Organization under IRS code 501(C) (3). Our Tax Exempt number is 94-2876518. All donation are tax deductible.