Training Up Means Handing Over!

And the things which thou hast heard from me among many witnesses, the same commit thou to faithful men, who shall be able to teach others also.”

II Timothy 2:2

      How many of us are approaching or have already arrived at the empty nest season? We encounter many scenarios that reveal intense struggles for the empty nesters as well as those who have been launched! Some of these include a lack in providing the skills and tools for children to grow up and out successfully. In other cases, there is a lack of preparation to face the changes that take place during this season. Parents might feel like they are “out of a job.” If most of their lives revolved around determining and securing the futures of the children, they might feel a great loss. Yet, launching our adult children should be exciting even if not done perfectly. There might be some bitter-sweet moments in the launching, but the goal should be to prevent huge regrets and bouts of looking back at the woulda-coulda-shouldas!

      We have had 2 empty nest seasons. The first was the empty nest that resulted when our own biological children moved on. The second season occurred when we shifted from a busy maternity home to a community outreach ministry primarily counseling and teaching those who were not live-in residents. We sensed that this “extra time” was for a purpose. The shift from training up young women to be good, nurturing mothers to training up willing adults to mentor, disciple, and counsel others seemed to be a very natural and logical next step for the ministry. The Lord prepared us for such a time! We never struggled with the shift because it seemed one season prepared us so adequately for the next.
      Paul never had to worry about an empty nest in the same sense that we would, but I love his example of training Timothy up to be successful. Wise investments, proper priorities, faithful stewardship, and mostly a zealous love for the Lord enabled him to succeed at launching others into the ministry. I want to learn from the examples in Scripture and so we have been zealous, ever since we had an empty nest on both accounts, to search for others to whom we can invest the beautiful treasures of wisdom and grace. We would like to share with you some of the fruit that has taken place since training up capable Timothys!
Director of JCM Retreats
      Linda Abell took over the JCM retreat ministry. This is a great example of training up to hand over! I did not worry a bit when I transferred this responsibility to our faithful assistant. She has exceeded my expectations and the fruit is obvious. Women from all facets of our outreach come together every other year to connect and grow. Our emphasis is to provide a safe place for them to exercise their giftings in an environment of unconditional love. We train them up and our hope is to launch them in their own individual church communities. Please enjoy these pictures along with just a few of many comments of how the retreat influenced their lives this year.
 Retreat 2018 “Welcome Waiting”

Praise God for His power to heal at the retreat. I am feeling so much more like myself but with added growth and clarity. Although every retreat has been dynamic this one for me topped them all!”

Thank you for the wonderful weekend. I appreciate the loving care through prayer and service that you and your team cultivated.”

My heart is so full... What a beautiful testament to all you have poured into so many women..”

Train Up Team/Grab the Net

      Several women have asked to be a part of discipleship and mentoring for the women of Jesus Cares Ministries. It is always a great honor when individuals want to help in such a capacity. When I had a full house of pregnant teens, and my own daughters, time was so precious. I trusted the Lord to multiply my lunch in those days and multiply He did! (Read this blog I posted about the boy and his lunch:
      Though we still have lots of visitors, and some live-ins and respite residents from time to time, the demands in the home have decreased significantly. We have been able to obtain training materials and certifications in the areas that are relevant to our culture today. It has been a huge help as we minister to many broken from domestic violence, rape and molestation, addiction and grief issues, marital struggles, and most recently we have had the privilege of working with homosexuals who desire to leave the lifestyle. These materials have been a great resource to equip our Train Up Team along with some excellent volunteers and teachers that have made themselves available to the mission. The greatest gift we have seen among our Train Up Team is the ability to hold up the arms of those that are weary to provide a sisterhood and community of what I call spiritual shock absorbers. As some go through divorce and betrayal, others are inviting them over, offering comfort and encouragement as they hold their hands through a grievous and painful season. Fellowship during these times is crucial; this is when many are tempted to disconnect from the vine and wither. We are so grateful to our team of ladies who are on the front-lines and giving of themselves so sacrificially for the sake of the beautiful body of Christ. Thank you to Linda, Leslie, Tracy, and Kelly who are currently bearing the burden for others. We have others who have joined our team recently and those who are in a season of waiting as they tackle issues close to home. We are also grateful to Gloria from New Turning Point for Women who has allowed me to pass the baton several times. She has great expertise in ministering to women from D.V. situations. Chris and Carmen from Fortified Marriages Ministry have walked beside us to help those with difficulties in their marriage. Liz Beck from Hope for Addiction is always there to offer supportive services to those struggling with addiction. We believe in a multi-disciplinary team of support. We are stronger when we use the net the Lord has provided in His many-membered body. In most instances, many individuals contributed negative influences throughout the lives of our clients and residents and it will take many positive influences to foster an atmosphere of healing.
Thanks to Chris and Carmen from Fortified Marriages, we were able to attend the national conference for AACC this year in Dallas.


Open Doors and Releasing More Laborers

      As many of you know, we have shepherded quite a precious flock every Sunday. Tom has served as chaplain at Wellspring Therapy Center for about 7 years now. The residents that participate in the services struggle with so many mental, emotional, and physical issues that challenge their hearts and well being. We are so blessed to bring them the shalom of Yeshua, our Messiah every week! We have come to love the staff and have made many friends over the years. Some residents keep in touch. One resident went to another facility after being released from Wellspring. She bragged about the ministry to the director of the new facility. When we came to visit her, the director was in her room and invited us to do Christian services at this 90-bed facility right down the road from Wellspring. We knew we could not do both so we prayed and asked our teammates, Jackie and Jeff Chamberlain, if they would take over Wellspring. They have substituted so many times for us and their heart of love for the residents is so obvious. They come to us already trained up as Jeff has pastored churches in the past and Jackie served as worship leader for many years. They are bringing just what is needed to the table as they gladly agreed to take the burden of this mission as their own. We will still conduct our monthly Meet and Greet but they will now conduct the weekly services. We also had a gentleman come forward recently after making a presentation of our services at our home church, Beth Emanuel Congregation. He shared a dream and vision he had to minister to the elderly. How timely! Tom and I will now be free to go in to the new facility and prepare the way for Duane Wilson to take the lead on the services at The Center at Val Vista. The first service was a huge success. At some point, Tom and I will completely release this mission to Duane and be free to do prison and hospital visitations. As the doors swing open, we are grateful that the Lord is providing harvesters! 
    Duane at "The Center at Val Vista."                            Jeff at "Wellspring Therapy Center"

Coming Up!

  • The Lord has made a way for us to tour Israel. We leave November 4th for our first visit to the Holy Land. Our own pastor, who lived in Israel for many years, has organized this trip. Please pray for a safe and wonderful time! Hopefully, we will have some wonderful pictures to share with you in the next newsletter.
  • We are so blessed to announce the new and improved Free Store coming up in December. Jackie Chamberlain, one of our board members, is the director of this annual event. This is another ministry task I have freely handed over with all confidence that this area of ministry will bear much fruit. Jackie was a single mom for many years who knew how to make the best of the resources at hand. She is an amazing example and well qualified to lead this area of ministry to our women. Her vision is to supply the needs of moms and families who are working hard but slipping through the cracks. She wants them to shop freely for clothing, toys, linens, and household items without worrying about the budget. Linda will work closely with her to make this the best Free Store ever! This year we will be inviting women from Single Moms that Rock (May), Hope for Addiction (Liz Beck), and Hope in Christ (Logan Tracy). Many donations are coming in and others are offering their salon expertise and other services that will delight the hearts of our “customers.” We have great hope that this event will create a lasting and beautiful memory for those participating as well as those volunteering. Contact me if you have any questions about this event. Doreen @ 480 831 1737.

  • We will be collaborating with Fortified Marriages to conduct a new workshop for 2019 to equip individuals to lead small groups in their churches. Contact us if you are interested in participating @ 480 831 1737

O Timothy, guard and keep safe the deposit [of godly truth] entrusted to you...” I Timothy 6:20

      We cannot be more grateful for a well equipped team! We cannot thank the Lord enough for providing resources, supporters, and volunteers to meet the needs of those around us. His arm is not too short and as we reach out in His name we will be surprised at how far our own arms can stretch out, too. If you are interested in any area of outreach mentioned, please feel free to call us @ 480 831 1737. You might be a Timothy needing to be trained and launched or a Paul who is ready to equip others. There is no lack for people and individuals to service and love. Thank you for being a vital part of this outreach and making it possible to let many know that....

Jesus Cares